Remember When Carrie Underwood Teamed Up With Steven Tyler At The ACM Awards?

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Do you remember when Steven Tyler tried to go country? Good times…

Well, right about the time the Aerosmith legend grew a mustache and put out the all-time swing and misses “RED, WHITE AND YOU” and “Love Is Your Name,” he joined Carrie Underwood during the 2011 ACM Award for a duet of Carrie’s “Undo It” and Aerosmith’s “Walk The Way.”

And while Steven brought out a couple iconic screams that gave “Undo It” a pretty cool twist, he was clearly outmatched in the vocal department by one of the best talents the world has ever seen.

Granted, Steven Tyler is on the older side and past his prime, and by no means am I denying the legend that he is, but let’s just be honest, Carrie dominated that stage. That being said, Steven still puts on one helluva show.

But I love hearing Carrie dig into her rock side. She’s got the voice and swag to pull it off, it’d be pretty great to get a studio version of a few Aerosmith songs.

“Walk This Way,” “Love In An Elevator,” “Train Kept A Rollin’,” I’m just spit balling here…

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