Ace Is The Place With The A** Kicking Hardware Folks…

Ace Hardware is NOT messing around.

In the past year, we’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of contentious customer/employee interactions where the mask policy is being enforced and the customer doesn’t like it.

Usually it ends with a lot of screaming and yelling, followed by an obnoxious stomp out of the store. Occasionally a little pushing and shoving, some thinly-veiled threats, and a handful of “fuck yous,” but rarely do we see store employees resort to fisticuffs.

I mean, it’s nothing worth losing your job or going to jail over, right?

But at this Seattle-area Ace Hardware, the employees want all that smoke… and then some.

According to KOMO, the man was in the store earlier and was wearing a mask, but his friend wasn’t, despite the sign stating that masks were required for all customers. They were asked to leave and things got heated.

“It was a cussing match back and forth between them.”

They left the store but then went back in to complain to the manager and were met at the door by the employee with the bat.

“It was actually quite terrifying. I’ve never had anybody come at me with a weapon like that and it was flight or fight and I was trying to get out of there and he kept coming at me super aggressively.”

However, according to the store employees, NEITHER man had a mask on in the store and they immediately became aggressive when asked to leave. Police are still investigating the situation.

A classic he said, she said…

Roll The Tape

The video picks up with the Ace Hardware employee armed with a baseball bat, telling the maskless man to get out of the store.

Thankfully the bat gets dropped before it goes upside anybody’s head, but the gloves come off and the haymakers start flying.

The guy filming is BY FAR, the worst part of this entire scene, hiding behind his truck the entire time, chirping the staff like this guy didn’t just spend the past 10 minutes harassing the hell out of them.

Just when you think the dust is finally starting to settle on this whole pandemic thing, life is starting to look somewhat normal again… BOOM, a viral Ace Hardware fistfight reminds you life still kinda sucks.

But if we’ve learned anything… it’s that you better wear your damn mask this Lake City Ace Hardware or you might be catching more that the Rona… you’ll be catching these hands.

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