VIDEO: Eagle Goes To Battle With Coyote Over Deer Carcass

Here we have a heavy weight matchup between two of the most keene scavengers in all of nature, as a bald eagle battles a coyote for feeding rights to a dead deer.

Despite similar tastes for deer meat, the two species could not have more different reputations. The eagle being revered as an emblem for American patriotism while the coyote is reviled as a pest and a varmint.

Reputations don’t matter in a fight though. Just the will to win.

While the coyote has the size advantage in terms of weight, the eagles massive wingspan makes the canine look small by comparison.

Coyotes typically weigh 15-40 pounds and measure 3.5 to 4.5 feet long from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail. By comparison, full grown bald eagles typically weigh 9-12 pounds on average, but their wingspans typically measure up to 6 or 7 feet long.

The video was taken in the Swan Valley of Montana, just north of Missoula. The footage opens with the song dog patrolling the area with its nose the ground, hoping to hone in on the scent of the meat pile. Before the coyote can locate the deer carcass, the eagle lands in view of the camera.

Just as the eagle begins feasting, here comes the coyote.

The bird successful runs the coyote away from the meat a few times, but in its third attempt the coyote finally gets its jaws on the carcass. However, continued harassment from the eagle prevents the meal from being enjoyed peacefully.

The two animals continue to spar back and forth, and at one point, a crow even tries to get in on the action.

Ultimately, the eagle ends up disappearing with a big chunk of meat in its mouth while the coyote presumably took home the rest of the spoils.

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