Tracy Lawrence Performs His Country CLASSIC, “Paint Me A Birmingham,” At The Grand Ole Opry

The ’90s were alive and well at the Opry last night.

Tracy Lawrence and Rhett Akins took the Opry Stage last night, as well as Rhett’s son Thomas Rhett (who also performed a father/son duet).

But for me, it was all about that 2003 hit, “Paint Me A Birmingham,” a song that shockingly did NOT go number one.

Tracy shared the following in the introduction:

“I’ve been very blessed with a lot of big records over the years.

 And a lot of people would be surprise that this next song did not go Number on, it’s not one of the 18 that I’ve been blessed with over my career. Would y’all believe “Paint Me A Birmingham” didn’t go number one?

This is probably the biggest impact record that I’ve had in my whole career.”

And while it might be the most recognizable song of his career, it also feels like a ’90s country song to me… hard to believe it came out in 2003, and reached its chart peak in 2004.

Either way, it’s an all-time classic.

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