John R. Miller Releases “Coming Down,” A Ballad Inspired By His Time As A Traveling Musician

David McClister

If you’re looking for a country singer whose authenticity runs wild, with songwriting that perfectly displays the hardships and life that a homeless traveling musician goes through, along with pickin’ skills that can hang with the best of them, look no further than John R. Miller.

The West Virginia native has released a number of singles so far in 2021, all leading up to the release of his first studio album, Depreciated, on July 16th.

And today he adds another one to that list: “Coming Down.”

The song sets the scene for what life was like when he was traveling the road as a musician for 15-years, trying to find his place in the music industry.

Discussing the roots behind the lyrics, Miller said:

“We talk about home as if it can be simply found on a map. When you eventually lose the place or people to which you’re anchored, it can feel like you’re falling without a net; the only way you can start climbing again might be to hit ground.”

“Coming Down” is even a huge favorite of Tyler Childers, who covered it on his live album, Tyler Childers Live on Red Barn Radio I & II.

Miller also recently announced a summer tour that will take him across the southeast before ending up back in his home state for a performance on NPR’s “Mountain Stage.”

Needless to say, this upcoming album is gonna be something special.

The singles he’s so far released perfectly display everything the man has gone through in his life, which perfectly shines through in that key ingredient that makes country music special:


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