Jesse Daniel Displays His Colorful Storytelling With Latest Release, “Clayton Was a Cowboy”

It’s hard to find another country singer that makes you feel more like you’re sitting in a honky-tonk in 1975 than Jesse Daniel.

Even Shooter Jennings, son of the legend himself, called him “the next one to blow up.” And that’s good company, considering Shooter predicted the success that Sturgill Simpson and Tyler Childers would have in the coming years.

Now, he’s ready to strengthen his arsenal of music with his latest single, “Clayton Was a Cowboy,” officially out today.

In the song, you follow the story of Clayton, a cowboy from Colorado, inspired by a buddy he met years ago in a work-release rehab facility, with storytelling that feels straight out of a movie.

The song is his second single from his upcoming album, Beyond These Walls, as Daniel co-produced the album with Grammy-nominated Tommy Detamore at Cherry Ridge Studios.

The sky is the limit for this guy, and he’s only just getting started:

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock