Billy Strings Teams Up With RMR For Anti-War Bluegrass Twanger, “Wargasm”

Billy Strings, he’s done it again.

His unique twist to bluegrass and out of this world pickin’ skills equates to a sound that the world has never heard before, and I’m here for it.

Many have dubbed his style as “psychedelic” bluegrass, and his latest single, “Wargasm,” featuring guest rapper RMR, perfectly displays the sound he’s been perfecting since he burst onto the bluegrass scene.

“Wargasm” was released today, and along with its strong use of acoustics, fiddle, and banjo, Strings sends a powerful message, mincing no words about the endless cycle of war that has gone on for centuries.

What’s the reason for this again?
Right back where we’ve always been
These excuses are wearing thin
So, what’s the reason for this again?
Can’t decide, but you’ve got to win
We’re all the same, but you’re not my friend
So, what’s the reason for this again?

Now I’ll be the first to say, I try to avoid songs that mix country/bluegrass with rap, but I can get behind this 100%.

Billy played the song earlier this year during a livestream concert from the Capitol Theater.

And if you’re not familiar with RMR, he’s the dude behind the rather hilarious rap remake of Rascal Flatts’ “Bless The Broken Road.” Affectionally titled “Rascal,” it’s Rascal Flatts like you’ve never seen it before.

Seriously, watch this… you’ll thank me later.

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