Kaitlin Butts Shares “White River” Performance With Hilarious Dolly Parton Intro

A collage of Dolly Parton

Now this, this is country music.

First off, if you haven’t heard Kaitlin Butts’ song “White River,” you need to get on it. It’s a pure country music to its core.

She recently posted a video of a stripped down version of the ultimate revenge song, a phenomenal little murder ballad called “White River,” but for this clip, it featured a hilarious introduction from the great Dolly Parton.

In the video, we see an intro clip from Dolly answering audience questions on TNN’s “Prime Time Country” back in the day, when a woman asks her:

“My husband constantly flicks the remote control while we’re watching television, I would like to KILL him, what do you think Dolly?”

And her response?

“I think you should kill him.”

Then, we cut straight back to Kaitlin and her band, and we hear a POWERFUL rendition of one of her top songs.

You love to see it.

And of course, the hilarious Dolly interview:

And the full performance from Steamboat 2019.

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