Flatland Cavalry Drops Surprise Banger, “No Ace In The Hole”

Fernando Garcia

Flatland Cavalry dropped a stellar new surprise song last night called “No Ace In The Hole”.

It’s another track off their upcoming album Welcome To Countryland, and it’s a bit of a nod to George Strait’s 18th career #1 hit “Ace In The Hole,” but with quite the opposite message.

This one was written by Cleto Cordero, Jason Albers and Reid Dillon, and it also has a bit of a different sound for them, Leaning way more into rock and roll, it’s fun to hear them play around with their sound a little bit.

Unlike King George, the narrator on this track finds themselves in the complete opposite predicament, with “no ace in the hole.” They seem to be trapped in a dark place (mentally more so than physically, I think), trying to get out of something when there’s seemingly no way they can:

“No ace in the hole
Only jokers on your side
No ace in the hole
And you have more to lose than just your pride

I hеar The Dealer always wins but I just can’t hеlp myself
Good Lord Above please hear me for my good luck’s gone to Hell
When the last bets on the table and there’s no more time to fold
The devil comes a knocking, time to ante up your soul.”

I mean, COME ON. Just brilliant.

They’ve already released two of the tracks from the record, “Some Things Never Change” and “Gettin’ By”and the entire record is set to be released July 2nd.

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