Natty Light Wants To Send Your Parents on a $20K Trip To Alaska So You Can Drink Beer Alone In Their House

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So you just finished college.

The last year and a half maybe didn’t go as you planned given the way things changed as COVID hit. Maybe now you have to move back home for a period of time, and you’re dreading it. Mom and dad on your ass all day about this, and that, while you just want to grill, drink beer, and listen to ’90s country.

Good news.

You can have the house to yourself, just like those college days on campus.

More info from Natty:

“Natty wants to help their 21+ fans do something nice for their parents and is going to send Mom and Dad far, far away so they can enjoy a staycation, while their parents go on an actual vacation.”

Not just any vacation, but ALASKA.

“Recent college grads are missing the freedoms of sleeping in, playing video games until 3am, and ordering pizza for dinner. So, Natty is helping out the entire fam by offering to send your parents on a long-weekend vacation to the Alaskan wilderness AND giving you all the credit. On the weekend they’re gone, Natty will also hook the winner up with two cases worth of Naturdays beer money, plus extra cash so they can buy all the snacks their parents purposely leave off the grocery list.”

How to win:

Get on your social media channels and let Natty know why you want your parent sent far away using #SendMyParentsAway and #Sweepstakes. You have until June 16.

(Full rules here)

Cheers. y’all. Good luck.

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