Jamey Johnson & Cody Jinks Blow The Roof Off With Throwback Cover Of Randy Travis’ “Diggin’ Up Bones”

You gotta love some Randy Travis.

Even better, you gotta love some modern-day country stars covering some Randy Travis. A country music staple back in the ’80s and ’90s, there are plenty of country singers who grew up on his music, an ever-present inspiration anybody that’s worth a damn in this industry.

A couple of those country singers worth a damn… Jamey Johnson and Cody Jinks.

A few years back, Jamey was playing a show, and admitted that Randy Travis was one of his heroes growing up, and even inspired him to play the guitar. Although it’s hard to see in the video, he welcomes Travis on stage, and he’s sitting along listening.

Johnson serenades him with a cover of “1982,” and perhaps the best part, is when he brings Jinks up on stage to sing an all time great, “Diggin’ Up Bones.”

It’s cool to see the joy that comes to the eyes of both Johnson and Jinks as they sing some of Travis’ greatest hits, proving that his music played a greater impact than he ever could’ve imagined.

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