Bud Light Working On Pumpkin Spice Hard Seltzer And They Should Stop Right Now

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Just when I thought the hard seltzer craze couldn’t get more outta hand…

Bud Light officially says “hold my beer,” or, “hold my seltzer” (had to throw in my dad joke of the day) and went and did it. They fucking did it…

But first, a little backstory…

In the fall of 2019, right as White Claw was crowed King of the Summer, hard seltzer was the hottest adult beverage on the block, and competitor alcohol brands were rushing to get something to market, we had a little fun on the Photoshop:

People went NUTS.

Of course it was all a joke, (and some off-brand pumpkin spice seltzer did emerge the following fall) but a heavy hitter like Bud Light has now entered the chat. According to My Beer Buzz, Bud Light is already gearing up for a fall variety pack.

We’re talking a few new seltzer flavors that sound like something you’d hear in a fall addition home magazine, or a Starbucks barista:

Toasted Marshmallow, Pumpkin Spice, and Maple Pear

Why…. Just why…

However, for all you seltzer fans (and lunatics), the variety packs will be the standard Bud Light Seltzer recipe: 12 oz. cans with a 5% ABV, along with 100 calories and 1 gram of carbs per serving.

So for all you sorority girls who are looking to get toasted at some college tailgates this fall, look no further, Bud Light’s got ya covered.

God help us all…

And this is just for free…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock