Hero Police Officer Who Helped Evacuate Before Nashville Bombing Honored With A Ride In An Air Force Thunderbird

Metro Nashville PD

After evacuating an entire city block while an RV counts down to an explosion just feet away from you, a ride in a Thunderbird is probably a pretty relaxing afternoon.

One of the hero six police officers who helped evacuate Nashville‘s Second Avenue before the Christmas Day bombing was honored with a Hometown Hero Ride at the Great Tennessee Air Show in Smyrna this weekend.

Officer Brenna Hosey is seen on bodycam footage released by the Metro Nashville Police Department as she worked to evacuate a homeless man from the steps of Dick’s Last Resort before turning and walking past the RV as it blared a warning to evacuate the surrounding area.

Hosey’s fellow officer comments that the scene is like “some shit out of a movie,” with Hosey joking “Like the Purge?”

Because of the work of the six police officers, there were no casualties from the explosion (other than the bomber himself).

And this weekend, Hosey got some well-deserved recognition at the air show just outside of Nashville, flying over Middle Tennessee in an Air Force Thunderbird.

A mechanical issue with the plane delayed Hosey’s flight, which was supposed to happen on Saturday, but she finally got to take her ride in the Thunderbird on Sunday for the last day of the show.

Officer Hosey reflected on the experience after her flight:

“This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was amazing. I appreciate everything that worked so hard to make this possible. With the plane going down (for repairs) and the mechanic and crew that helped fix it, and the crew that’s helping me prepare for it, and helping coordinate everything, I could not be more appreciative.”

After the work Hosey and her fellow officers did on Christmas Day, they deserve every bit of recognition they get.

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