A Young Chris Stapleton Sings Lonestar’s 1999 Hit “Amazed” Nearly 20 Years Ago

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We have a habit of digging deep into the caverns of the interwebs over here at Whiskey Riff.

Time and time again, we’ve unearthed some pretty cool, throwback performances, whether it’s a baby-faced Tyler Childers, Dolly Parton singing at 14, or even some of Miranda Lambert’s early work.

But today, we’re taking it back to 1998 and a Chris Stapleton video sent to us by a loyal Whiskey Riffer.

A young, beardless, Chris Stapleton singing Lonestar’s “Amazed” for the Kentucky Opry way back at the turn of the century.

Originally written by Marv Green, Chris Lindsey, Aimee Mayo, “Amazed” was released by Lonestar on their 1999 Lonely Grill album. It spent over 40 weeks on the Country charts, the second longest of any song in the ’90s.

According to the original poster, Chris performed this sometime around 1998, but it seems like it might be a bit later than that since the song was officially released in 1999. Either way, it was still well before anybody in the general public was aware of the greatness that is Chris Stapleton.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

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A beer bottle on a dock