Jay Cutler Reportedly Wants Half Of Kristin Cavallari’s Business In Their Divorce And NFL Players Are Loving It

Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari are posing for a picture

Jay Cutler‘s out here trying to get PAID again – just not on the football field anymore.

Cutler’s divorce from Kristin Cavallari is starting to get pretty heated, as it was recently reported that Cutler is seeking half of Cavallari’s lifestyle brand, Uncommon James, in their divorce settlement.

According to TMZ, Cutler believes that he should get half of the business because it was launched by Cavallari during their marriage, well before the couple filed for divorce in 2020.

Cavallari (obviously) disagrees, claiming that Cutler didn’t put any money into the business and that she funded it herself.

A 2018 clip also resurfaced from the couple’s TV show, Very Cavallari, which features Kristin giving her thoughts on the matter:

“He thinks he owns half of this company and he does not. That is not on our non-existent prenup.”

(No prenup? Ouch).

Well, Cavallari wasn’t the only one who made her thoughts known on the issue of whether Cutler should get his half of the business.

A bunch of current and former NFL players have also chimed in, and they’re LOVING the fact that Cutler is trying to get his bag.

We’ll have to see how this turns out, but it looks like it’s going to get ugly.

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