Dale Earnhardt Jr. Used To Have So Much Beer Delivered To His House That The Distributor Thought He Was Selling It

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I mean, what did they expect from a guy driving the Budweiser car?

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. may have ended his career driving the Mountain Dew car, but he’s best known for the #8 Budweiser Chevy that he drove when he first entered NASCAR.

So you gotta think that the guy enjoyed himself a cold Bud every once in awhile.

Well, it may have been more than every once in awhile…

On this week’s episode of his podcast, The Dale Jr. Download, Earnhardt sat down with Ty Norris, the former Vice President of Motorsports for DEI, the team that was founded by Dale Earnhardt Sr. and that Dale Jr. drove for during the early years of his career.

And it seems that one of the things Norris remembers about Earnhardt during those early years was how much he liked to party.

Send The Beer Truck

Actually that might be an understatement, because at one point Jr. was getting so much beer delivered to his house that the executives at Budweiser thought he was selling it.

As Norris recalls:

“I got a call from Tim Schuler from Budweiser one day, and Steve Uihlein, and they were like, ‘Hey, what’s going on over at Jr.’s house?’

And I said ‘What do you mean?’

Well, the local distributor just said, ‘The most beer I deliver to any retailer in the entire state of North Carolina is in Mooresville at Dale Jr.’s house.’

They said ‘Is he selling it?’ 

And you’re like ‘No, they’re drinking it.’

He goes ‘How the hell is he drinking so much beer? We’re delivering case after case after case and there’s not a store in the area, in the region, that’s consuming as much beer.'”

Junior was quick to point out that he wasn’t drinking all that beer by himself though:

“I had a lot of help drinking it.”

I mean, who wouldn’t want to have some beers at Dale Jr.’s house?

Norris and Earnhardt also go on to talk about one particular party that Jr. threw that he was particularly proud of, a New Year’s Eve party at a shop behind his house, when Jr. says that they must have gone through “100, 150 cases” of beer in a single night.

But not everybody got an invite to that party: Norris recalls Jr. coming to his office and asking him to fire a particular fabricator.

When Norris asked him why, Earnhardt had an epic response:

“Well, I’ve got this party going on and I’m sending out invitations…

And I don’t want to invite him. And if I don’t want to drink beer with him, I don’t want him working on my damn racecar.”

But don’t worry, the fabricator wasn’t fired. Norris said that he lasted until the end of DEI (although he admitted that he was a “strange guy”).

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has always been one of NASCAR’s most popular drivers, and has turned into one of the sport’s best ambassadors after his retirement.

And hearing these stories, it’s not hard to see why he’s so well-liked. It seems like Jr. knows the perfect way to win people over: Beer.

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