I’m Trying To Figure Out How “Lubbock” By Flatland Cavalry Didn’t Make The New Album

As we await the arrival of Flatland Cavalry’s new album, Welcome to Countryland, we already know what we’re gonna get.

Some damn good country music.

And after the release of their first single off the album “Some Things Never Change,” we know that the album is gonna continue to bring us everything that makes the Lubbock, Texas, based band great:

Phenomenal musicianship and impeccable songwriting from the great Cleto Cordero.

We’ve seen the track-list, so we now know some song titles. However, there’s one unreleased song that somehow didn’t make the list…

After a dive into the vault, I found this incredible song from Cleto, and needless to say, I am dumbfounded that this song doesn’t end up on the album.


Cleto and drummer Jason Albers met on campus while they were attending Texas Tech, which is of course the college out in Lubbock.

After listening to the live version the young singer released, it appears to be an ode about longing for his Texas home, as he sings about everything that makes the place so special.

Now, we’ve seen songs about a homecoming show up on past albums, like “Come Back Down” off their 2019 album, Homeland Insecurity… so we know that this is a topic that Cordero and fellow bandmates are passionate about.

Although I’m sad to see that this song didn’t make the cut, it’s yet another stellar song that FC can add to their arsenal.


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