Dillon Carmichael Teams Up With Jon Pardi For Hilarious ‘Hot Beer’ Music Video

Dillon Carmichael is quickly making a name for himself with a powerful voice and a sound that takes us straight back to 1995.

I mean, it should come natural, considering he’s the nephew of both John Michael Montgomery and Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry.

His latest EP Hot Beer is a stone-cold country killer with that 90’s sound that we all know and love – especially on the title track.

An ode to psychotic exes, “Hot Beer” hilariously opines on all of the things he would rather do than get back with his former lover… including drinking a hot beer. And now, he’s come out with an equally-hilarious music video to go along with it.

The up-and-coming superstar discussed his excitement about the song itself:

“I immediately knew ‘Hot Beer’ was special.

I saw that title and thought, ‘Man, I haven’t heard that one yet!’ By the end of the first chorus, I knew it was the song for me. I’d rather drink a hot beer than not have this song under my belt.”

The video features Carmichael dealing with the fallout of his bat-shit crazy ex before Jon Pardi (the producer) shows up for a hilarious conversation and a nice little toast… of hot beer.

So for all of y’all who’ve dealt with psychotic exes, be sure to give this one a watch:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock