On This Date: Luke Combs Releases His Debut Studio Album, ‘This One’s For You,’ In 2017

Luke Combs playing a guitar
Jim Wright

Luke Combs, the man of the people.

It feels like it was just yesterday when his original hit “Hurricane” went viral, breathing new life into country music radio as it was perpetually being bombarded by pop music.

With a “regular guy” kind of attitude, a sound that harkened back to the ’90s country sounds we grew up on, and that big, powerful voice, the song was a huge first step in his career, ultimately leading to his first ever studio album, This One’s for You.

And what’s even harder to believe is that the album came out exactly four years ago today.

This album was a defining moment in Luke’s career. We often see singers release an amazing single, and out of nowhere, they fall off the map after a subpar first album.

That was not the case for Combs, as This One’s for You skyrocketed, and displayed just how stellar and versatile he can be as a singer/songwriter.

Smashing Records

The album debuted at number five on the US Billboard 200, and spent 50 weeks at number one on Top Country Albums…. tied with Shania Twain for the MOST all time.

Not to mention, there are a ton killer songs on there that we still all know and love today.

Of course, “Hurricane” was featured, along with other fan favorites like “Memories Are Made Of,” “When It Rains It Pours,” “One Number Away,” “Beer Can,” and several others.

Personally, I can’t listen to this album without it taking me straight back to sophomore year of college, and all the great memories that came along with it.

It’s pure gold.

And who could forget about the legendary music video to “When It Rains It Pours?”

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A beer bottle on a dock