I Hope Randall King’s Unreleased “Down Hell” Makes The Next Album

Randall King playing a guitar

Randall King is killing the TikTok game lately.

In addition to putting out some unreleased tracks, he’s done a few covers for what’s become a sort of series where he takes songs from other genres and makes them country.

In the last few months, he’s played Notorious B.I.G’s “Big Poppa”, Edwin McCain’s 90’s hit “I’ll Be” and more.


Here’s a little “Big Poppa” by Notorious B.I.G. but make it country #fyp #countrymusic #songfacts #cover

♬ original sound – Randall King

But, there’s one unreleased track that’s gone unnoticed amidst all these other posts: a gem called “Down Hell.”

From the short clip he posted on TikTok, I gather that it’s a love song about a girl he always wanted who finally comes around, and saves him from himself in the end.

Check out the lyrics:

“I was always hoping
She was always hoping to be mine
It’s like holding on to water 
And praying it never dries
Life was hell before her
She pulled me out the fiery pit”

It has that classic country sound he’s known for, and it would fit right in on the next album in between the other unreleased tracks we’ve heard thus far.

If anything, it would be a change in tempo, because this one is a little slower and more somber than some of the others.


Here’s a bit of my new song called Down Hell…not available yet but enjoy! #newmusic #country #countrymusic

♬ original sound – Randall King

In the caption, he says it’s not available “yet”, which leads me to believe it might make the final cut on the upcoming album he says will be out soon.

Though there’s been no official announcement or anything other than that, I can only hope we’ll be hearing more from Randall ASAP.

But while we wait, at least we can enjoy some of the other unreleased gems that Randall’s teased for us lately.

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