Guy Fieri Celebrates Monster Pay Day With $5,000 Tip On A $14 Cuban Sandwich

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You could make an argument that the Mayor of Flavortown is also now America’s Sweetheart.

Known for his trademark spiky frosted tips hair style, dad-class goatee, and gas station sunglasses combo, Guy Fieri rose to prominence on the television airwaves while hosting the TV show Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. The show has been on the air since 2006 and explores America’s most storied old eateries and highlights the local characters that inhabit them.

Good food, cold drinks, and good conversation is the focus of the show and provides an in depth glimpse into fascinating chunks of authentic American culture.

The Pay Day

Just recently Fieri inked a 3-year $80-million contract with the Food Network, making him one of the highest paid personalities on television according to The Miami Herald.

He celebrated the new contract extension by buying a house in Miami, Florida.  While in town, Mayor Fieri also celebrated at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival where he further cemented his status as a genuinely good guy by sharing his good fortunes with the service staff.

According to the Miami News Times, Fieri received a shoutout from the 9beach Latin Restaurant after leaving a $5,000 tip that was evenly distributed to the restaurants employees.

Making this even more of a baller move from Fieri is that he reportedly may have only had a $14 bill for a Cuban sandwich and a coffee.

I’m not a numbers guy, but $5,000 on a $14 bill seems like a pretty gentlemanly move from the Mayor of Flavortown himself.

Stay classy Mr. Fieri.

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