Arkansas Angler Lands Extremely Rare “Golden Bass”

A man holding a fish


According to the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, a Bentonville, Arkansas, angler named Josh Rogers was fishing on Beaver Lake when he landed a rare golden-colored bass.

Something he had never even heard of before.

“I had two thoughts when I caught it.

The midlake area on down is uncharacteristically muddy now, and I know that bass get light-colored when they are in the mud. But when I looked at the mouth and gills, I wondered if he was sick.

My buddy I was fishing with said, ‘Surely it’s not something he’s eating that would turn him that color.’”

Josh snapped a few pictures, dropped it back in the water and didn’t really think anything of it until his phone started blowing up.

Apparently, he managed to reel in a once in a lifetime kind of fish.

What Are The Odds

In fact, Josh was so lucky that Arkansas Game and Fish Commission biologist Jon Stein said he should go buy a lottery ticket:

“Josh needs to buy a lottery ticket, because he caught one fish in a million.

The unusual bass has what is known as Xanthochromism, which is the loss of darker pigment with the pigmentation replaced with yellow. This is very rare and does occur naturally.”

Rogers says he’s now having a replica made through the pictures.

A person holding a fish

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