Remember When A Lunatic Baseball Fan Charged The Mound And Tried To Fight The Pitcher?

There’s nothing better than going to a live sporting event, and the atmosphere is absolutely electric.

There’s a tight game, fans are going bonkers, and players are locked in and jawing at the players on the other team…

You can’t beat it.

However, there’s been plenty of instances where fans get a little too rowdy, and next thing you know, a fight breaks out in the stands, they begin to throw stuff onto the court, or even worse, a rogue fan makes his/her way onto the field of play.

Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of this, as one fan threw popcorn on Russell Westbrook as he was exiting the game, another tried to spit on Trae Young, a water bottle was thrown at Kyrie Irving, and last night, a fan made his way on the court.

He got tacked…

But let’s take a look back at one of the most hilarious player/fan altercations that’s been forgotten over the years.

According to USA Today, back in 2014, there was a minor league game going on between the Corpus Christi Hooks and the Midland Rockhounds.

Now we don’t know what happened up to this point, but it appeared the Rockhounds pitcher, Blake Hassebrock, intentionally hit Corpus Christi’s Telvin Nash. Next thing you know, a Corpus Christi fan (who appeared to be drunk off his arse) somehow made his way to the pitcher’s mound.

I mean, this guy looks like he’s straight off an episode of King of the Hill.

He squared up and began to rear back like he was on the verge of decking Hassebrock in the face before he was quickly swarmed by other Rockhounds players, with one shoving him to the ground.

Once the guy finally realizes where he’s at (and outnumbered 30 to 1), he’s escorted off the field by one of Corpus Christi’s coaches.

The guy was later identified as 35-year-old Nikolas Swope, and was charged with criminal trespassing and threatening assault.

It’s always mind-boggling to me why people do this… it’s never gonna end well.

But hey, it makes for great entertainment.

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A beer bottle on a dock