Popular Nashville Hat Store Under Fire For Selling “Not Vaccinated” Star Of David Patches

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Can you even have a hat store in Nashville without Stetson?

According to NBC News, protestors gathered outside HatWRKS, a popular Nashville-area hat store, after the store began selling yellow “Star Of David” badges with the words “NOT VACCINATED” on them.

The store owner shared this (now deleted) picture to Instagram, saying that trucker hats will be available soon.

And while she did remove the post, she did take to Instagram once again to defend the move.

Needless to say, some folks were not happy about it, and they let her know.

Yesterday, a group of demonstrators gathered outside the store to protest… drawing the attention of local news.

The planned demonstration featured a large banner outside the store that read, “NO NAZIS IN NASHVILLE.”

Stetson, one of the most iconic hat brands in the world, has since ended their relationship with the store.

They announced the decision in a series of tweets:

Tula Hats has pulled out as well.

“I am aware of the situation with our former vendor Hatwrks in Nashville and appreciate those who messaged. Tula does not condone antisemitism or discrimination of any kind. We have asked to be removed from their website as a supplier.”

As did Kangol:

“Our company has a core value of respect. While we respect freedom of speech, respect for humanity must hold a higher place.

The use of the Star of David by our customer as a statement against vaccination was not just insensitive, but disrespectful and wrong. We encouraged our customer to issue a sincere apology for her mistake and have suspended her account in the meantime.”

HatWRKS has since issued an apology.

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