Unlucky Buck Gets Fried By Downed Power Line In Freak Accident

A spotted deer lying on the ground

It’s hard out there being a deer.

You have to deal with predators, freezing temperatures, another buck goring you in the rut, scarce food sources, disease, hunters, cars… oh yeah, and the occasional falling power line.

This poor little buck found out the hard way just how powerful electricity can be when a power line collapsed on top of him. Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about where this unlucky S.O.B. was found, but we do know that it barbecued him pretty good.

According to the Sportsman Channel, it was submitted by True Buck Hunters:

“Ever wonder what a HOT powerline will do? This poor buck found out when a line came down on him in his bed.”

I mean, I kind of imagine this is what it would be like to hunt deer with a lightsaber, right?

Where my Star Wars nerds at?

Preparing Venison

Turning a downed deer into a meal is a multi-stepped process, and going from pulling the trigger to enjoying the meat can be tedious and time consuming.

Tough decisions also have to be made about how to cook the meat. You can grill it, smoke it, fry it, bake it, or dehydrate it into jerky.

Or… you can skip all those steps and just zap your venison with a power line. Kill it and cook at the same time.

In all seriousness though, venison is a nutritious and delicious so let’s watch one of the best in the business show us how it’s done right there in the field… MeatEater’s Steve Rinella.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock