Georgia Man Attacked By Giant Swan On The Golf Course… Buddies Laugh Their A**es Off

For some reason swans are typically perceived as a symbol of grace and elegance.

But… they’re actually mean as hell.

With super longnecks, some swans can reach heights of almost 5 feet and weigh in at over 30-pounds. Their wing spans have been known to reach lengths of up to 10 feet.

Closely related to geese and ducks, there are six different species of swan and they are the largest species of waterfowl on earth.

They are well known as one of the most monogamous creatures in nature and for their habit of mating for life. Paired swans also stay by each others side year round, not just during the breeding season. Many swans stay together for over 20 years, and while swan divorce does happen its relatively uncommon.

Research shows that only 3% of swans that successfully breed ever break up, and only 9% of those that are unable to breed get divorced, which makes them one of the most loyal animals in the world.

When Swans Attack

They can also be huge assholes though.

They’re known to hiss and chase people who get close to their nests or mess with them in any way. The aggressive nature of the big birds was captured on video this week, as a golfer in Georgia almost got his ass kicked by a swan.

According to TMZ, this particular swan is well known for protecting its turf along the green and fairway of the 9th hole.

After defecating on the putting green, the swan attacked a golfer who had just sank a put. He was nipped at a few times and eventually had to go into a full sprint just to distance himself from the angry bird.

His buddies? They just watched and laughed… watched and laughed.

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