Brothers Osborne Will Melt Your F*cking Face Off With Their New “Tiny Desk Concert”

If, for some reason, you aren’t sold on Brothers Osborne, this is going to change your mind.

As you probably know, NPR hosts a great series called Tiny Desk Concerts, but during the pandemic moved from artists performing at the NPR Studio in Washington DC to artists performing from their homes.

While each of the performances are special in their own right, Brothers Osborne just upped the game…

While most NPR Tiny Desk Concerts are stripped down acoustic shows, the brothers from Maryland had other ideas, putting on a full-band, Southern rocking jam session. TJ’s voice was as strong as ever and my goodness did John light the Telecaster on fire.

They played a 5 song set that honestly I wish had no end. The instrumental “Muskrat Greene” started the show, followed by “Dead Man’s Curve”, their latest single “I’m Not For Everyone”, the title track of their latest album “Skeletons” and they closed out with “Hatin’ Somebody”.

At this point, I typically would call out my favorite performance of the set, but honestly I don’t think I could single one out, they were all that good.

I guess I would say “Hatin’ Somebody” would be my favorite, but then again “Skeletons” and “Dead Man’s Curve” were both great and if I talk about the others I’d have mentioned all of them again so… yeah just listen to the whole thing like 2 or 3 or 10 times…

And get me to a Brothers Osborne concert immediately.

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