Taylor Lewan Bought New Predators Jerseys For All Those People He Poured Beer On

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Tennessee Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan had himself a DAY this past weekend.

The Titans big man spent Sunday cheering on the Nashville Predators in Game 3 of their Stanley Cup playoff series against the Carolina Hurricanes.

And in typical Taylor Lewan fashion, dude was JACKED UP.

When the camera found Lewan during a break in the action he took the opportunity to get the crowd pumped, at first just smiling and waving with his daughter but then going full madman, ripping off his jersey and pounding a tall boy in what may have been the most electric moment of the double overtime game.

And obviously the Preds went on to win the game and tie up the series, because who wouldn’t be fired up with this guy cheering you on?

Well not everybody was thrilled with Lewan’s display of excitement – mainly, his daughter, who apparently wasn’t happy that daddy spilled beer on mommy.

And Lewan’s wife Taylin wasn’t the only one who got a little wet. When you put on a show like that there’s bound to be some collateral damage.

But there’s nothing like having beer poured on you to get you fired up, right?

Well, after Lewan spilled beer on pretty much everyone around him, Lewan made it up to his fellow Preds fans by buying them all brand new jerseys.

What a guy.

Now we just need to figure out a way to get Lewan to North Carolina for game 5 of the series.

Gotta keep that energy rolling.

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