Kenny Mayne Ends 27-Year Career At ESPN With A “F*ck You” To Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers standing in front of a television screen

Aaron Rodgers has been all over the news lately, both in the football world, and in the non-football world.

He got engaged, hosted Jeopardy, and even made headlines for skipping Green Bay’s OTAs to spend time with his fiancé and friends in Hawaii, dancing, picking the guitar, and jamming to “Wagon Wheel.”

It’s pretty obvious he’s about done in Green Bay, and you could say he might even be living his best life.

He even stopped by SportsCenter for an interview with longtime sports anchor Kenny Mayne. The same Kenny Mayne who was anchoring his final episode of SportsCenter after a 61% pay cut from ESPN. Yeah, after 27 years they offered him a 61% pay cut… so he walked.

But, he couldn’t have ended it any better.

He spent his final show asking the 37-year-old quarterback about life, and his future plans with the Packers organization, and more. But as the interview came to a close, he decided to go out with a bang for his last go ’round with ESPN…

Apparently, Rodgers told him to invest a shit ton in cryptocurrency in the past, so Mayne jokingly signed off with this:

“Last time we did the interview together, you told me to go heavy in the cryptocurrency game. I did.

We’re down 40 percent, then I lost my job. Gretchen just wants a new comforter. F*ck you, Aaron Rodgers.”

Rodgers took it all with a laugh.

“I love you Ken.”

Just pray that my guy can get a job soon, sounds like his wife is desperate for that comforter.

Rodgers on the other hand, he’s doin’ just fine…

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