Guy Drunk Hilariously Texts The South Carolina Aquarium, Actually Has Some Good Questions

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There are some strange and amusing drunk thoughts that creep into your head when you’re around your buddies and two cases deep.

Everybody pops a top around 8, and next thing you know you’re explaining “the meaning of life” to passed out Joe in the corner with a lampshade on his head.

However, one drunken individual really wanted his big drunk thoughts answered. So what did he do?

He texted the Charleston, South Carolina, Aquarium’s “Ask An Aquarium Educator” number.

And not gonna lie, this guy might’ve been on something a lil’ more than the alcohol:

“Also why do sea horses grab anything they can with their prehensile tail?”

Sheesh, this man was really worried about that one. He must’ve been the one whose mom wouldn’t sign the Field Trip form for the aquarium, and now he’s sitting in his room in front of a pyramid of beer cans punching air.

But hey, that’s why aquariums have resources like this… I guess.

Well buddy, I hope you left the thread with a happy heart, and a broader knowledge of the sea horse prehensile tail.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock