Dolly Parton Honors Her Home State’s 225th Birthday With Rendition Of 1973 Song, “My Tennessee Mountain Home”

If there’s a better person to represent the state of Tennessee other than Dolly Parton, I have yet to hear of them.

And, in honor of the state’s 225th birthday this year, Dolly teamed up with Governor Bill Lee to promote all of the festivities they have planned for the occasion.

In a promotional video for the year-long celebrations released today, the Governor puts on a record of her 1973 song “My Tennessee Mountain Home”, and as Dolly sings in the background, they cut to different scenes and important monuments across the state.

Pretty good marketing strategy if you ask me…

Governor Lee took to Instagram to share the video, saying:

“Dolly Parton is a Tennessee treasure, and I’m thankful she’s joined us to commemorate Tennessee’s 225 birthday with this new video featuring communities across our state.”

Of course, Dolly loves her home state and often shares memories of growing up there, which had a huge influence on her life and music:

“I am Tennessee proud.

I’m proud of our wonderful state, proud to be a born and raised Tennessee girl, and I’m proud to be a part of all that we represent.”

The official tour of the state, which will cover all 95 counties over the course of a year, will start in Jonesborough on June 1st, the official birthday of Tennessee.

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