Iowa Basketball Player Jordan Bohannon Gets Rocked Outside Iowa City Bar

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University of Iowa basketball player, Jordan Bohannon, is currently recovering after a bar fight sent him to the hospital with a “serious head injury.”

Except it wasn’t really a bar fight… seemed more like a sucker punch from behind.

According to CBS Sports, the fight occurred outside DC’s Sports Bar in Iowa City, Iowa, over the weekend.

Iowa head coach Fran McCaffrey released the following statement regarding the incident:

“Thankfully Jordan is recovering well after being attacked by an individual he did not see coming at him.

We were made aware of the incident immediately. We are grateful that friends who were with Jordan at the time kept the incident from escalating. His health is our number one concern.”

Hard to tell from the video exactly how this all began but you can see Jordan filming the altercation so something was going down. A lot of chirping going on, a lot of cell phones in the air… even the guy filming knows something is about to pop off (didn’t get in position to film it though).

It looks like the other dude in the grey shirt might have sucker punched him from behind but it’s hard to tell. He also kind of looked like his friend right before it so who really knows…

When our Spielberg workin’ the camera finally gets a good shot of the action, Jordan is already down for the count. Then, he takes a knee to the face…

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Bar fights are a dime a dozen, especially with a thousand tough guy college kids running around campus, but if I learned anything in college (and it wasn’t much), it was that fighting some guy in a bar is almost NEVER worth it.

If you win, congrats, you’re probably going to get arrested. If you lose, well, you might need a trip to the doctor, the hospital, or worse… it usually doesn’t bode well for anybody.

I mean, we all saw what happened to that football player at Oklahoma, the dude almost lost his eye in a bathroom fight. Also, where are your boys in all of this? Looks like a lot of guys standing around after you just got your lights turned out.

That tells me you’re either a) a huge asshole and nobody wants to get your back, or b) you need better friends.

Looks like half a dozen people were filming the incident so I suspect we’ll see some better footage in the coming days.

Bohannon will be returning for his 6th and final season at Iowa next year. After COVID, he was granted another year of eligibility.

He was looking forward to an “exciting year” when he made the decision to return:

“We have a lot to prove and we want to accomplish more than ever was expected by the outside or even internally.

It will be an exciting year. I will have one last sendoff to play the best I can and further my legacy at the University of Iowa by helping these young guys do something special.”

Exciting is one way to put it…

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