Pulse-Pounding Video Shows New Mexico Fire Department Saving Family Swept Away By Flood

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God bless the first responders.

An pulse-pounding video out of Portales, New Mexico shows the local fire department saving an entire family, including children, as their SUV got swept away into a drainage ditch.

Here’s more from the individual who caught the entire thing, recording the rescue.

“Portales, New Mexico received 3.5-4.0 inches of rain in 2-3 hours causing the city to flood – the drainage in the city of Portales is poor and the streets were flooded (extremely quickly). At an intersection, the driver’s car was picked up and swept away by a cross-current.”

They didn’t just slide in, but the car was dragged for more than ONE MILE.

“The car floated backward down a drainage ditch, for almost 1 mile before being stopped by a sewer pipe. There was a mother and 2 small children in the car trapped by the raging floodwater. The Portales Fire Department was called and used the Ladder truck to rescue them from the car as seen on the video. All the family members were rescued and nobody was hurt.”

Incredible stuff right here. MAJOR props to those firefighters.

Watch it all go down.

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