VIDEO: Leopard Outraces Hyena, Steals Antelope, Escapes Into Tree

A leopard sleeping in a tree

Without a doubt one of the coolest animal’s on the planet, leopards are both badass hunting cats and one of the natures biggest fashion icons (OMG but like seriously though, I heard leopard print is like so fetch this summer.)

Not only does leopard print look good on clothing, it also provides camouflage for real leopards who rely on their spots while hunting in the African bush. In addition to concealing their presence through their camo fur, leopards also use their incredible speed and strength to hunt.

Leopards are near the very top of the food chain in Africa, and can hold their own against pretty much any large animal on the continent.

Their exceptional hunting ability is showcased in this aerial footage, which highlights a hyena in the midst of running down a small antelope for dinner.

As the camera pans back from the antelope herd, a leopard comes charging into the scene like a lightning bolt, snatches the antelope from right out in front of the hyena, and then escapes up a tree in the blink of an eye.

The cat is moving so fast that it almost looks like a cheetah, but after securing the antelope, the cat quickly climbed up the tree. Cheetahs are not known to climb trees, meanwhile leopards do most of their eating up in the limbs above the savannah floor to protect their food sources from lions, hyenas, and other scavengers.

Just nature at its absolute finest here. That’s some wild stuff.

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