Soldier Gives Entire Artillery Unit Pot-Laced Cupcakes… DURING A LIVE-FIRE EXERCISE

A group of men standing next to a tank

You know being in the military is a tough job, an incredible sacrifice, and as you can imagine there are some soldiers out there who would like to knock off the edge a little bit.

And while the military does have strict rules for cannabis use, especially on the job, one Canadian gunner simply just didn’t give a shit.

According to Vancouver Island, Bombardier Chelsea Cogswell is facing more than a dozen charges after she served a number of cannabis-laced cupcakes to her artillery unit during a live-fire exercise.

Court documents stated that many soldiers were noticing an onset of paranoia, fatigue, and confusion after eating the cupcakes.

A military judge released a summary of the charges:

“Several affected members were allegedly unable to properly execute safe weapons and explosive handling drills.

All the members of W Battery who consumed the cupcakes, except one, allegedly experienced symptoms which included dehydration, overheating, fatigue, confusion, dry mouth, and paranoia.”

And believe it or not, this is the first time that something like this has happened in the Canadian Military.

Cogswell, who has served in the forces since 2011, is facing 18 charges, including eight counts of administering a noxious substance, nine counts of conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline, and one count of behaving in disgraceful manner.

Man, bold strategy cotton…

The army don’t fuck around, no matter which country you’re in.

Sounds like this platoon right here…

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