10 Acoustic Performances That Prove Cody Johnson Is One Of The Best In The Business

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Happy 33rd Birthday to one of the best to ever come out of Texas.

Cody Johnson has been something special since his debut album in 2006.

He gained some notoriety by never being afraid to get into it with a fan, make a political statement, fire the crowd up with a pep talk, or talk some trash on the current state of country music during his live shows.

Between his attitude, real country sound and huge voice, Cody Johnson concerts have become more than an hour of music, it’s a can’t miss event.

But Cody is not afraid to strip it down, breakout the acoustic guitar and fiddle and play his songs as they were written, with low production value and no bells and whistles. I think this is where the immense level of talent the guy has really shines through and what initially won me over.

Here’s 10 of my favorite acoustic performances by CoJo.

10. Wild As You

9. Monday Morning Merle

8. Either Way

7. Nothin’ On You

6. Red Dirt Road

5. Shameless

4. Dear Rodeo

3. You Look So Good In Love

2. Whoever’s In New England

1. On My Way To You

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