Ford Is Going Green, Unveils All-Electric Ford ‘F-150 Lightning’

Ford truck

For all of you off roaders that are looking to go electric, Ford just unveiled the perfect vehicle for you.

The vehicle company revealed the electric version of their most popular truck, the good ol’ F-150 at an event in Michigan on Wednesday.

According to New York Post, the “F-150 Lightning” is slated to hit the market sometime next year.

The truck will actually be at a surprisingly decent price range, with a starting price of $39,974, with buyers likely qualifying for a $7,500 federal tax credit, knocking the price down to around $32,500.

Ironically enough, it’s only about $4,000 more than the newest model of the gas powered F-150.

Pretty impressive, considering Hummer released an electric version at a starting price of $113,000, and Elon Musk plans to sell his Tesla “Cybertruck” for $39,900.

The “Lightning” will come with a range of 230 miles before it has to get re-charged, and a more expensive XLT model will start at $52,974 for a range of 300 miles, and the XLT model has been dubbed as the fastest F-150 ever made.

Here’s the fully loaded breakdown among competitors:

Linda Zhang, Ford’s chief F-150 engineer, had this to say about the new creation:

“This is the smartest, most innovative F-150 Ford has ever built.”

So if you’re looking to go green, and power your vehicle electrically, you can now do it in badass style.

Man, the times really are changing. How are all these bro-country singers gonna write about gassing up the truck now?

Check them out:

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Not bad, eh?

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