Randy Travis Responds To Alan Jackson: “There’s Still Some Doing It Like We Did It”

Randy Travis wearing a cowboy hat

Randy Travis isn’t ready to completely give up on this generation of country music.

Ahead of the release of his latest album, Where Have You Been, Alan Jackson recently gave his thoughts on the state of country music:

“I’m such a fan of country music. I just feel like it’s fading away, the real roots.

It’s always been up and down but usually there’s just a little bit of it hanging on. Now, I just feel like it’s getting further and further away, and it’s makin’ me sad.” 

And when asked about making an “old-school” country album, Alan was quick to point out that the old-school IS country music:

“It’s not old-school, it’s the real school. And I’m kinda pissed off like you are about what’s happened to the format, or whatever they wanna call it.”

There’s a lot of truth in Alan’s words. Turn on the radio and you’ll hear fewer and fewer songs with that “old-school” sound that Alan calls “the real school.”

But as another country legend pointed out, that “old-school” sound isn’t gone entirely. You just have to look a little harder for it sometimes.

Randy Travis points to artists like Drew Parker, Luke Combs, Riley Green, Alexandra Kay, Ashley McBryde, Eric Church and Cody Johnson who are still making music like Randy and Alan used to make (and Alan’s still making).

And Randy has been doing his best to make sure this music is still heard, using his TikTok account to help spread the word about artists like Parker and Kay.


The future of country music is bright… @drewparkerplays #countrymusic #randytravis #whileyouregone #realcountrymusic

♬ original sound – Randy Travis


#duet with @alexandrakaymusic that looks like a tasty drink! Thanks for singin’ along! #deeperthantheholler #randytravis #countrymusic

♬ original sound – Alexandra Kay

And Randy’s right: There’s still good country music out there waiting to be heard.

Artists like Tyler Childers, Miranda Lambert, Dillon Carmichael, Lainey Wilsonthere are plenty of people still out there making stone-cold country music, some even in the mainstream.

You just have to know where to look to find it (knock knock Whiskey Riff).

But in the meantime, it still doesn’t get much better than Alan Jackson playing “the real school” country music.

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