NASCAR Driver Kyle Busch Explains Why He Still Hates Joey Logano: “He’s Two-Faced”

I’m diggin’ these recent NASCAR episodes of I Am Athlete.

Hosted by former NFL players Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder, two of their recent guests have been Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kyle Busch.

With Kyle, they got into everything from his rivalries over the years, to his “asshole” persona, his brother Kurt’s reputation, as well as family life, crew chiefs and more. But during the conversation, Rowdy made one thing crystal clear…

He still hates Joey Logano.

After detailing their 2017 post race fight, Chad Johnson asked him if there was anybody racing now that he still doesn’t like.

Answer: Joey Logano.

“Yeah, Joey Logano is number one.

The problem with Joey is he is two-faced. So people know I’m an asshole, I might be an asshole on the race track, which I’m really not…

But Logano will come in here and he’s laughy, and go with the flow, super nice guy and all this stuff, does great for charity, everything like that…

When you put him on the racetrack, when he puts his helmet on, he flips the asshole switch on the back of his head.

So to me, I hate two-faced guys, that drives me absolutely nuts. If you’re gonna be a nice guy, be a nice guy on the racetrack as well.”

He also added that him and Brad don’t get along very well either.

“And then his teammate Brad Keselowski, him and I, we always butt heads.”

If you’re a NASCAR fan, and even just a sports fan, the whole conversation is well worth the listen.

And if you don’t remember that 2017 fight…


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