Alan Jackson Performs “Way Down In My Whiskey” On ‘The Tonight Show’

That’s how you do a damn country song right there.

I’ve been listening to Alan Jackson’s new album, Where Have You Gone, pretty much all weekend. And so far the standout for me is “Way Down In My Whiskey.”

A good heartbreak song from AJ about having a few drinks and being haunted by the memory of someone you lost, with a healthy dose of fiddle and steel guitar whining in the background? Doesn’t get much better than that.

Oh, and there was only one songwriter on the track: Alan Jackson.

It’s basically a clinic on how to make a damn country song.

Now of course Alan Jackson knows a thing or two about making a great country song, and he also has some thoughts on the state of country music these days:

“I’m such a fan of country music. I just feel like it’s fading away, the real roots.

It’s always been up and down but usually there’s just a little bit of it hanging on. Now, I just feel like it’s getting further and further away, and it’s makin’ me sad.”  

Me too, Alan. Me too…

Alan recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform “Way Down In My Whiskey” and show others in the country music world how it’s done.

Let’s just hope they’re paying attention.

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A beer bottle on a dock