Zach Bryan Teases Another New Song, And You’re Gonna Need To Hear This…

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Zachariah E.M. Moffatt

Zach Bryan posted another new, unreleased track on Instagram recently, and it sounds like the makings of another Grade A song we need to hear in its entirety, ASAP.

Though earlier this year he mentioned a new album is coming, no official announcement has been made yet, so it’s possible this could be a part of that project.

Or, even the beginning of some sort of roll out related to its release… I don’t wanna get y’all too excited, but it has been a few months since he brought up his next full-length album in late January:

There was no caption or other information regarding the song other than the 50-second clip he shared on his social channels:

Of course, it left fans commenting and begging him to release the whole song, or even just drop the whole dang album. Which, ya know, I wouldn’t be mad about, either.

I got chills the first time I listened, and I’ve only heard half of it:

“So come girl won’t you save me
Oh, I pray I make it safely
To the days you drift away in tired arms
I’m on a corner stranded
So fucked up and empty-handed”

Goodness gracious, the man knows how to write.

And I’ll leave one of Christian McCaffrey’s favorites here, too, because watching Zach perform at the Grand Ole Opry will never get old:

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