Elk Goes Tumbling Down Waterfall, Lands Right At Hunter’s Feet In Wild Video

Don’t go chasing waterfalls.

I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it seems like poignant advice. Plus, it comes from the same band that brought us the legendary jam “No Scrubs,” so you know it has to be good guidance.

Don’t go tumbling to your death down a massive waterfall also seems like sound advice too though.

This particular elk should have stuck to the rivers and lakes that it was used too, but instead it tried to cross a slippery precipice coated in fast moving water and it wound up tumbling to its demise.

A kiwi hunter was able to capture the whole ordeal on video while in the back country of New Zealand.

The footage opens with a bull elk successfully navigating his way across the waterfall as the hunter makes some noise to imitate another bull ready to spare over potential mates – the deer equivalent of hanging out the passengers side of your best friends ride and trying to holler at a shawty.

Despite a few slips, falls, bumps, and bruises, the first elk appears to be in good health. Unfortunately the second wapiti that comes flying into the picture while accidentally cascading down the waterfall did not survive the tumble.

Now you might be asking yourself, how the hell did those elk get to the South Pacific anyways? Well Teddy Roosevelt sent them there, that’s how.

Of all the species of deer in New Zealand, none is more revered than the mighty elk. Commonly referred to as wapiti – the Native American term for the species – elk from the Jackson Hole Elk Refuge in Wyoming were gifted to the Kiwis by President Roosevelt in 1905 and they’ve been present in the Land of The Long White Cloud ever since.

They remain at the top of many New Zealand hunters bucket lists. However, hybridization and competition with red deer have created challenges for managing the species into the future.

While pretty horrifying this video also serves as a reminder that nature is BRUTAL. Hunters, starvation, predators, disease… even a misstep down a damn waterfall, survival is HARD in the wild.

Here’s the explanation from the man who captured the video:

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