Jimmie Allen Caught Himself A Huge-A** Striped Bass

A man holding a fish

Jimmie Allen, the reigning 2021 ACM New Male Artist of the Year Award winner, hails from the great state of Delaware.

One of the smallest states in the country, Delaware was also the very first state in the United States of America. It’s the only place I’ve ever seen poultry farms pretty much right on the beach. The state also offers some of the most underrated deer and turkey hunting in the entire country.

And oh yeah, the fishing is absolutely exceptional.

Jimmie is from the small town of Milton, near the Atlantic coast. Milton is also home to the phenomenal Dogfish Head Brewery. A fitting name for the beers that accompany this fish story.

I’m getting off track here, but just 13 miles from Milton, Delaware lays a small unincorporated historic rural community named Staytonville. Named after the little towns pioneering founders, it’s actually where my earliest ancestors first settled into America back in the 1600’s…  so I kind of feel like Jimmie and I are basically next door neighbors.

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to work that fun fact into a blog post about Jimmie Allen since I started this job, so now that it’s crossed off my bucket list let’s move on to the fish story.

Delaware, along with the eastern shore of Maryland, comprises what’s known as the Delmarva Peninsula, which juts out into the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Delmarva offers world class fishing and waterfowl hunting opportunities.

I highly recommend checking out the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge if you’re ever in the area. It boasts some of the most pristine coastal swamplands in the nation and provides exceptional habitat for an eclectic mix of both marine life and birds. The nearby Redden State Forest also offers a vast amount of land open to the public for hunting.

But enough about bird watching and hunting, let’s talk fishing.

If you know anything about Delmarva, you know that one fish is king – the striped bass.

Known more commonly in that region as rockfish, they’re one of the finest eating fish in the world and put up one hell of a fight when on the other end of a line. The fish are truly engrained in the culture and roots of Delmarva.

Delaware waters routinely produce some of the biggest and baddest striped bass in the world, and Allen hooked himself an absolute monster. Like any good fisherman, he didn’t reveal his secret fishing spot or provide a lot of details, but the size of the fish in the picture speaks for itself.

That trophy might just be more impressive than the hardware he brought home from the ACM Awards.

“This fish bout kicked my butt. But I got him in finally.”

For more information about fishing in the area, check out Delaware Surf Fishing or check in with the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

Be sure to purchase your fishing license before hitting the water and verify that you’re in compliance with all rules and regulations.

And as always, fish responsibly and leave the whiskey at the dock… But if you’re in Delaware, be sure to hit up the Dogfish Head Brewery to unwind with a couple coldies once you come off the water.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock