Jason Isbell Unveils His New Signature Fender Telecaster

Jason Isbell is one of the most accomplished singer/songwriters in the country/roots world to walk the planet right now.

Multiple Grammy Awards, a handful of incredible albums, he had a hand in writing for A Star Is Born and will even be featured in the upcoming Martin Scorsese flick, Killer Of The Flower Moon.

And now, he’s getting into the guitar game with a signature Fender telecaster

Isbell had this to say in a video announcing the guitar:

“I think the Telecaster is probably the best guitar design of all time, just because of how durable it is and how versatile it is..

I don’t know that I’ve ever played one that, if it was appropriately set up, didn’t sound good. Like, I can always find a good tone on a Telecaster.”

His signature Telecaster comes with a double-bound 59-style Telecaster Custom body, a Chocolate Sunburst finish, and a subtle amount of road worn distressing. Jason says that it feels and plays like a guitar that has been broken it quite a bit.

Although he decided not to sign his name on the guitar, (a common move among signature models) it comes with the sparrow-and-anchor emblem that he and his wife Amanda Shires have tattooed on them. However, rather than the headstock, it’s on the neck plate.

“I didn’t want to sign my name on this guitar because I know a lot of people go on the back of the headstock or sometimes on the front.

But I really wanted guitar players who had no interest in me or my music to still be interested in the instrument. So Instead of signing my signature on it, I opted to put this.”

Might fine lookin’ guitar right there.

If you’re in the market for a new tele, give it a shot.

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