Cody Jinks Releases Stellar Unplugged Version Of ‘Mamma Song’

I’m really loving these Adobe Sessions Unplugged videos that Cody Jinks keeps releasing.

So far, he’s released a few live versions of his hits, like “Loud & Heavy,” and “Cast No Stones,” but today, he’s added his legendary song, “Mamma Song.”

A fan favorite from his 2015 Adobe Sessions album, the song takes you through a letter Jinks has written to his mom, about how he’s starting to calm down in his older days while also gaining a little more success as a musician. It also serves as a “thank you” of sorts for everything she’s done for him over the years.

Also, the song has one of my most favorite openers in all of country music:

“I got a half a six pack of Old Milwaukee
And a half a bag of weed
I can’t do it like I did when I was a kid
This is all I’m going to need
Because I know you always worry ’bout me drinking my dinner
But I don’t do that anymore.”

And we can’t forget the fact that Jinks arguably sounds better live than he does in the recording studio, which says a lot.

And if you don’t believe me, just check out his album Red Rocks Live, and now, Adobe Sessions Unplugged.

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A beer bottle on a dock