VIDEO: Grizzly Bear Charges Idiot Tourist At Yellowstone National Park

Some people….

I never wish for anybody to get hurt, but I get so much joy out of these bozos walking up to wild animals at Yellowstone National Park.

Bison, elk, bears… whatever the animal is, Bob and Nance get the ol’ camera phone fired up, hop out of the car, and walk right into its kitchen.

And then, they’re surprised when a grizzly bear acts like…. a grizzly bear.

According to USA Today, a woman was recently filmed at Yellowstone, walking right up near a group of bears.

Many of the other park visitors tried to warn her, but she just had to get that picture for the Gram.

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Lucky for her, the bear only gave her a bluff charge, which was enough to make her turn her back to the bear (another genius move) and walk away, but it could’ve been MUCH, MUCH worse…

But in all reality, the bear peeled off before she even knew what was happening.

All it takes is a second…

Of course, we all remember this video, right?

A family decides they want get up close and personal with a MASSIVE bison, a tank on hooves.

When it decided to charge (like bison tend to do) the family abandons their 9-year-old who goes for a wild ride when the bison gets a hold of her.

Luckily, she was fine, and walked away uninjured, but videos like this are a dime a dozen at Yellowstone.

Don’t be an idiot, people…

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And who could forget the biker lady that literally got her pants ripped off by a bison.

It’s funny how the people filming always know…

“She doesn’t have any pants…”

“Nope, not anymore…”

“There’s a buffalo out there with that woman’s jeans hanging from its antler…”

C’mon people…

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