Carole Baskin (Tiger Owner And Suspected Murderer) Weighs In On Texas Man (Also Tiger Owner & Suspected Murderer): “The Kind Of People Who Own Tigers Are Really Dangerous, Reckless People”

Carole Baskin standing in a driveway

If you thought we’d seen the last of Carole Baskin, think again…

She’s dipping her toes in the political commentating game, appearing on CNN last night to talk about her favorite issue… tigers.

She called on Republican Texas senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn to sign on to the Big Cat Public Safety Act, which did pass in the Texas house last year with a 2/3 vote, after a video recently went viral of a Bengal tiger roaming freely in a neighborhood outside of Houston.

Check it out:

Apparently, the tiger belongs to a man named Victor Cuevas, who lives in the neighborhood, and is reported to own several other exotic pets.

Oh yeah, and he’s apparently on bail for a MURDER.

So, if you live in this neighborhood, I’m not really sure what’s scarier… the fact that there’s a loose tiger roaming near your house OR the fact that you live next to a suspected murderer. Are we sure this story didn’t come from Florida?

Texas has no statewide law forbidding private ownership of tigers and other exotic animals (though it is illegal within Houston city limits).

Of course, this video sent a lot of animal activists into a frenzy, including Tiger King’s own Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue, who appeared on CNN last night to throw in her two cents on the matter:

She noted specifically in the interview:

“The kind of people who own tigers are really dangerous, reckless people.”


Sounds a tad bit ironic coming from Carole, who owns a massive tiger “rescue” in Florida  (if that’s what we’re gonna call it), and another thing…. she is also a SUSPECTED MURDERER herself.

The whole situation with her commenting on all of this is just flat out hilarious, and Lord knows I’d give anything to get a comment from Joe Exotic on the whole thing. But so far, there’s been no statement addressed from Grady County Prison from the Tiger King himself.

Carole also told CNN the policeman handled the situation perfectly, and thankfully, didn’t have to shoot the tiger, named India:

“I was so impressed with the deputy that showed up on the scene because he did exactly the right thing, and he showed amazing restraint in not shooting that tiger.

He kept eye contact, he backed away slowly. A tiger, if you look down, if you turn, if that neighbor had run back to his door, that triggers their instinct to kill.”

And, just an FYI if you live around Houston, they still haven’t located India…

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