Kelly Reilly, AKA Beth Dutton, Has ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Thinking They Know What Happened In Season Three Finale

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Is this a teaser for Season 4? Telling of what happens in Season 4? Or just a girl’s trip through Texas?

For Yellowstone fans, they’re taking it as a clue…

A few weeks ago, Kevin Costner posted a lil’ something on his Instagram page, teasing the release of Season 4.

Now, Kelly Reilly, the actress who plays Beth Dutton, has joined in on the fun, as she recently posted a teaser as well (not really, but at least fans think it’s one). And it’s leading them to believe that she definitely…


DIDN’T die in that office explosion in the Season 3 finale.

She posted a pic of her on a horse, overlooking the legendary 6666’s Ranch in Texas, along with the caption:

“Dream come true riding out on the 6666 Ranch today.”

Of course, Taylor Sheridan (the co-creator of Yellowstone) just bought the 6666’s Ranch (and all three of its properties) to film a new spinoff series down there starring Ryan Bingham and Jefferson White.

However, parts of Season 4 were also filmed in Texas as well, so fans are thinking that Beth is definitely alive after Season 3’s explosive finish. Granted, they stopped filming for Season 4 months ago so this probably has nothing to do with Season 4 at all, but fans are excited either way.

Season 4 is set for sometime in June (at least we hope), and needless to say, it can’t get here fast enough.

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