Garth Brooks Looks Like A Kid In A Candy Store Watching Chris Stapleton CRUSH “Rodeo”

At this point, I’d be way more surprised to find a video of Chris not crushing than crushing…

Back in March 2020, Garth Brooks was honored with the Gershwin Prize and a tribute concert was held in his honor. While videos of the performances are hard to come by, we already know Chris Stapleton stole the show with his cover of “Shameless”, which had G bawling like a baby.

But, there was another performance by Chris that blew the roof off the place, and I just happened to stumble across it…

Chris also sang “Rodeo” and it got the crowd absolutely ROCKING. The grit in his voice brought out the sad in the lyrics but kept the song’s snarly attitude.

I could listen to Chris sing just about anything, but man, this was really enjoyable…

I mean, just look how happy G is watching Chris shred up there.

Trisha… not so much, but she’s probably just locked in, right? At any moment G would break into tears and she has to be ready with the Kleenex.

Do you think the Secret Service is smiling on the job when they’re protecting the President? Hell no, they’re in the zone, ready to sniff out any sign of trouble before it starts.

Same thing with Trisha… ready to tackle those tears the second they start rolling down Garth’s cheek.

Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood are posing for a picture

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock