10 Country Songs Perfect For Girls Sick Of Dealing With F*ckboys

Miranda Lambert singing into a microphone
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Here we go, y’all…

I’ll try to make this introduction short and sweet, because I think many of you know exactly how it feels to deal with f*ckboys on a daily basis, and unfortunately, there’s really only so much you can to do avoid them.

Even the most unsuspecting man can turn out to be nothing more than an asshole who couldn’t really care less about you… and I get it. None of us like it, none of us want to deal with it, but sometimes there’s really no other choice and you’re just floating around wondering how you even got yourself into the situation in the first place (and of course, trying to get the hell out of it).

As Miranda Lambert often loves to say, music is medicine, so here’s some more country songs for when you’ve had enough of the shit and need to scream something at the top of your lungs… or, you know, cry into your glass of wine alone in a dark room:

“Tequila Does” — Miranda Lambert:

“I’d sure like to find
A cowboy tonight
To get me back in the saddle
But the boys around here
Drink domestic beer
They’re all hat, no cattle”

“There’s A Built-In Trouble Maker In Every Man” — Loretta Lynn:

“There’s a built-in trouble maker in a ever man
It’s always been that way since time began
He’ll lie to you make you think you’re the only one
You’d better know how to keep him under your thumb”

“Liability” — Carly Pearce:

“I’ll give you credit you really sell it
The way you tell it just sounds so good
The poison’s in the apple, the snake is in the grass
The truth about a lie is that it ain’t ever made to last”

“Red Wine & Blue” — Hailey Whitters:

“And I gave up on you calling me up
A drink or three ago
Yeah, I know that you won’t, but I hope you do
And that’s just me, you know”

“Ghost” — Miranda Lambert, Jon Randall & Jack Ingram:

“I replaced the headboard with a chiseled stone
Here lies the meanest man I’ve ever known
Go rest in pеace with every liе you ever told
‘Cause now you’re just a ghost
Honey, now you’re just a ghost”

“Tights On My Boat” — The Chicks:

“Remember when you wouldn’t come away with me
Sent your mom instead, yeah, that was a real thing
I should have known you were trouble
Just save myself from all the trouble
You came to visit on tour and you made me cry
Wouldn’t speak to me for weeks and now I know why”

“Don’t Talk about Him, Tina” — The Pistol Annies:

“You gotta get yourself up and dust them boots off
Ain’t no use in staying sad or pissed off
You know how them cowboys are
They stay a while then they break your heart
So put your lipstick on
And let’s go paint up this town”

“Things A Man Oughta Know” — Lainey Wilson:

“How to know when it’s love
How to stay when it’s tough
How to know you’re messin’ up a good thing
And how to fix it ‘fore it’s too late

And yeah, I know a boy
Who gave up and got it wrong
If you really love a woman, you don’t let her go
Yeah, I know a few things a man oughta know”

“Two Weeks Late” — Ashley Monroe:

“I bet I’m the talk of this town
If you don’t have a ring, then he won’t settle down
And I hate to admit that you’re right
Cause I’m sleeping alone tonight”

“My Kind of Man” — Dolly Parton:

“If you really love me
I mean, really loved or love me
You wouldn’t want to change
One part of me

If you can’t be satisfied with me
The way I am
If I can’t make you happy
Find someone who can”

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A beer bottle on a dock